The BeoWoofs are a collection of 693 unique Ninja Dog dynamic NFTs

Beowoofs are unique digital collectibles living on the blockchain. Your Woof start its life in the metaverse as a little pup after 15 days held by the owner they will evolve into a full grown Beowoof with randomized equipments parts.

Your Woofs will also reward you to future owner-only benefits. Future features and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation bellow.

10% sold

We pay back our moms.

30% sold

We release some Caged puppy Beowoof's. 3 puppy Beowoofs (tokens held back from the sale) are airdropped to random Beowoof Holders.

60% sold

WoofDex Released on the website, a interactive dex where it shows all possible furs & backgrounds that your Beowoof can have and the rarity rank of each one of them.

80% sold

Part of the sold Beowoof's will help animals on the foundation that helps dogs and abandoned and hurt animals of Belo Horizonte's city.

100% sold

When we sold out all the puppy beowoofs we will begin the new road to release the adult Beowoof's Collection, 30 Adult Beowoof's will be aidropped to random Beowoof's owners.

To be continued...


Our Team

GMZilla 1

Art Director

GMZilla 1

Solidity Developer

GMZilla 1

Artist Designer / Marketing